About Us

Elephants Not Included was created on 22st April 2010 by Cath Davies, John Nash and Lynne Davies, because they wanted a space to practice their circus skills and somewhere where other people could come to practice, learn and share their skills. We have been welcoming complete beginners through to professional performers, every Thursday evening 7.30-10 pm in the Alltwen Community Centre, Pontardawe ever since.

The aim of the club is to encourage adults to flourish, not only in their chosen circus skills, but personally too, by inspiring them to challenge themselves to expand their boundaries and abilities. To that end we celebrate every mile stone each person reaches and try to spur each other to try new things. Everyone brings something different to the club and we try to utilise everyone's different personalities and skills within the group, so when you first arrive, you might have no circus skills at all, but you might bring determination that inspires others to keep trying at things they are stuck on, or you might bring a new way of looking at a prop and help the rest of us to increase the skills we have by doing that. Please do come along and join in on Thursday nights.

Over the time we have been running, we have managed to collect enough funds to buy quite a lot of circus kit, so when people first arrive at the club we have equipment for them to learn with. We have spinning plates, poi, staff, diabolos, juggling balls, juggling clubs, juggling rings, kendama, walking globe, unicycle, hula hoops, manipulation hats, shaker cups, bar flaring bottle, contact balls, bounce juggling balls, juggling silks, rolla bollas with stacking tubes, devil sticks, flower sticks, parasols, slackline, yo-yo and double dutch skipping ropes.

We are here for people over the age of 18, we are unable to cater for people under that age. Sorry to all you youngsters that would like to join, but we cannot sign you up. There is an amazing young peoples circus in Swansea called Circus Eruption that is for children and young adults of 7-18 year old.