8 Sep 2014

Skill Sharing

As a group we are pretty good at casual skill sharing within our weekly meetings, but sometimes we like to have more formal in house workshops run by club members and occasionally we invite external tutors to come and teach us new skills.

Summer is coming to an end, and the nights are drawing in. What better time for us to run some in house workshops, so everyone can learn some new skills to drive away the winter blues. If you are willing to run a workshop, please contact me (Lynne), and let me know what skill you would like to teach and to what level you feel confident to teach to. You can comment under this post or let me know on the ENI Facebook group. That way I can sort out a timetable of workshops for the Autumn and Winter in both Pontardawe and Swansea.

If you have never taught a workshop before and would like to give it a go, that's great and we will give you all the help and support you might need to do that. It's really not as scary as you might think.

As well as workshops we will meetings play games like Speed Ball Dating or Skill Swap Shop. They are silly, fun ways to try a new prop, see a new way of using a prop you already have some skills in or learn how to teach other people what you know.

Bring on the training!

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