4 Jan 2013

Calendar Updates.

The Calendar has been updated with the latest workshops that people are offering to teach. We have a hat manipulation workshop with Peter D on 24th Jan where you will be able to learn moves with 1-3 hats. On the 7th Feb Lynne will be introducing you to poi and the joys of spinning them around your body.

On the 17th Jan, we are going to try something a little different. We are going to set up Speed Ball Dating. I can hear a few of you saying "Errrrm...What?". Speed Ball Dating is like speed dating, but instead of chatting about each other and what you have in common, you will teach each other a juggling pattern. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner juggler, the aim of the game isn't just to learn new things, it is to learn how to teach someone else what you know, so if you only know how to juggle a basic 3 ball cascade it doesn't matter, you can explain to the other person how to do that, giving them tips and hints on what helped you to learn to do it. Doing this helps you to understand how you learn and teaches the other person how to be a better teacher themselves. We will give you 5 mins to do that and then ask you to move on to the next person. You can teach the next person the same pattern if you like, or try and teach the new move you have just learned, or something totally different. Hopefully by the end of the game everyone will have gained some new patterns to practice and have learned a whole lot more about how to teach other people. Huzzah for skill swapping!

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