26 Oct 2014

AGM - 2014

This years AGM will be taking place at sometime in November. I say sometime, because I have yet to find a date that all the Committee members will be available to be at a meeting. This is down mainly to the fact I, and Glen work shifts and my shifts are not in a set pattern. I only get about a weeks notice of my definite rota times.

"So why are you posting this on the blog?" I hear you ask. I want you to know that there may only be very short notice that the meeting is on. Due to this I am asking all of you that if you have a burning passion to be elected to the Committee let me know as soon as possible and I will draw up a ballot to email to all of you. This means that you can register your vote before hand if you are worried you will not be able to attend the actual meeting. 

Also, if you have something you would like discussed at the meeting, please send me a message about that too. We as a group should all be able to have an input into how the club is run and about what we do. Think about what you would like to happen in 2015 and let us know. If you have radical ideas about changes we can make to the club, be sure to include the reasons why you want the changes and how you feel they would improve ENI. All of this will go into the email I will send out so others have a chance to put forward their views on your ideas.

Please get all of this to me before Thursday 6th November, so I can compose and send out an email and given you all a chance to reply and vote before November has run away and turned into December.


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