3 Oct 2014

Swansea Meetings

I have some fabulous news, for those of you that haven't heard yet. Circus Eruption has got a new space to run their meetings in. The other great news is, they have offered us the space to run our Swansea ENI meetings, so from now on, the Sunday ENI meetings will be in Parc Tawe, in the unit that is the unit on the far right, as viewed from the car park, in the wing that has the Staples store in.

The space is huge, so there will be lots of room and no people below us that we have to keep quiet for, so bounce balls, double dutch skipping, unicycle stunts and more are all back in. YAY! Get along this Sunday at 11am - 1pm to celebrate.


  1. Can anyone come along to this? And if so can I get the postcode please?

  2. Elephants Not Included is an adult circus, so if you are over 18 then yes you would be most welcome. The postcode for Parc Tawe is SA1 2AS.